• Don't just watch life Live it!

    Be the hero live your own movie
  • Virtual Reality Live life in a New Dimension!

    You are the hero in our interactive scifi movie adventure.
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Subtle Features

Incredibly useful and functional features and extensions create a palette of possibilities for your content

It is Time to stop just watching a story.

Why should I create for VR? What will creators be able to do with VR? How will I create for VR? When is VR coming? Who will be using VR? The real question: How can I leverage the newest technology to teach, entertain, motivate, and communicate?



We can do it! We have the technology!

How can I use my skills to create in the 21st century and Web 3.0? Virtual reality is here. We have the technology to place people into any space, real or imagined, at a consumer level price. Virtual reality isn’t coming, it’s here, and most people don’t know it. Virtual reality is going to fundamentally shift the way we interact.



We can only show you the way...We let you walk the path.

I have created a interactive entertainment and written a book to quickly equip you with the most important information from my research into virtual reality (VR). My hope is to save you time in your work toward the future of entertainment, communication, education, and, quite fundamentally, life as we know it. New Demension Entertainment is designed to inform and inspire you with new ideas for how VR can be used for media. How VR develops as a medium will be determined by you, the content creator. There’s a whole world out there waiting for your innovation and imagination. Let us help you get started with your interactive 3d adventure.

Don't just tell your story...
...help people re live it!...
In four dimensions! HD, Directional Surround Sound, 3d plus Immersive Interaction!

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